Programs & Projects

Project: Location for Solo Nos

Solo Nos has a major project to build its learning center. Presently, we are focused on 4 steps:

*Cleaning, dumping up & fencing the lot. Find Funding,

*Obtain permissions & builders.

*Start and finish the building.

*Successful opening & operations.

This video is of the lot that has been purchased for Solo Nos Headquarters and Learning Center.



Dudley’s Interactive English classes is a program that offers classes, events and workshops that mainly focus on teaching English and Afro-Costa Rican Creole.

The Dudley’s Spanish Classes is a sister program of the English Interactive Classes. We offer conversational Spanish classes or tutoring. This program interacts heavily with tourists.

GenWealth is a program that teaches about finances. The purpose is to help teach different methods of savings, investing and entrepreneurship to the youth in hopes to encourage and how to establish financial stability and generational wealth. This program is to evolve into an Afro Costa Rican financial lending institution.

Back2Roots AgriFood is an agricultural program that involves a series of workshops to learn about planting, medicinal plants, quick home remedies and to teach different Tribal and modern methods for Organic planting.

For ideas, how you can collaborate or support, please see our Volunteer Cards at the bottom of the page and Contact us through our Contact page.


Solo Nos has commissions, committees & network groups that directly reflect the community and positively impact community needs.

Afro Costa Rica Ubuntu is an Afro-Costa Rican occupied commission fueled by learning about current events concerning Afro Costa Ricans and facilitating positive change in different cultural and social aspects that affect Afro Costa Rica.

Pan African Fellowship Costa Rica is a movement and a commission that uplifts, celebrates, upholds, teaches and promotes Pan Africanism. They are responsible for planning and executing our Annual 17 of August Marcus Garvey Pan African Celebration events.

Queens check on Queens is a movement and social media group started by the founder of Solo Nos to help create a network for uplifting and promoting sisterhood amongst women who identify as Afro or Afro descendant.

Alimentacion Solo Nos is a food giveaway program that operates as a bridge between the food banks and the community families and people with hardships that need assistance with food. Registration is required and giveaway occurs every trimester, on an as needed basis or upon special requests.

To volunteer or collaborate, please see our Volunteer Cards at the bottom of the page or Contact Us through our Contact page.


“Ventas y Servicios Caribe Sur” is a social media vendors group created to benefit the South Caribbean region of Costa Rica. It is made up of over 130 vendors and consumers from the surrounding. The platform is a resource of information for community.

Mercado PANAF is an annual Vendors Market on August 16 through August 18th in Liberty Hall/Casa de la Cultura in Old Harbour (Puerto Viejo), Limon, Costa Rica. This vendor market is part of the annual August 17 Marcus Garvey Pan African Celebration event. This market creates a business opportunity for Afro or Afro-descendant vendors.

For ideas, how you can collaborate or support, please see our Volunteer Cards at the bottom of the page and Contact us through our Contact page.

Virtual Volunteering

Digital Updates!

We are creating this website among other digital platforms, and need your assistance! This can range from updating visuals to creating catalogs for Solo Nos donations and products on social media!

Flyer Master!

We host a lot of events for the community, and to spread awareness we need great flyers! You can help us create flyers for any events or programs we have!

Letters for Charity!

Writing proposal, fundraising, and donation letters are pivotal to us expanding our efforts in the community. We need you to help Solo Nos secure funds for the future of our community!

Physical Volunteering

Caring is Healing

For any of our events such as the Health fair where we invite medical professionals to support the community, Children's day where we support children going to school, or our Food Bank that services community needs, we're always accepting helping hands and donations. Tell us how you can help!

Gardening Greenhouse

We plan to build a greenhouse for community agricultural and educational purposes. Assisting this initiative does not require any previous agricultural experience!


Solo Nos hosts English & Spanish courses and welcomes volunteers as well as donations to sponsor children unable to afford the materials, transportation, or necessary fees!