More Than An Organization

“We are the embodiment of a philosophy that change begins from within. As a steadfast nonprofit organization, our principles are rooted in the idea that the solutions to challenges within the community lie within the community itself.”

Velvet Waite | Solo Nos Director

 Solo Nos is a movement. A belief that we are not dependent on external influences to solve our problems. Our commitment to the ethos of “by the community, for the community” ensures proactiveness, harnessing potential and strength within our community to usher meaningful change by creating and / or collaborating youth initiatives. Solo Nos also offers initiatives that focus on education and for youth of underprivilege communities, Afro Costa Rican youth and any youth of the Afro Diaspora, as well as hosting initiatives to aid the elderly, battered women and children, small businesses and indigents.

Amplifying Black-Owned Businesses in Costa Rica

Here at Solo Nos, we recognize the diverse talents and potentials that make up our community, especially the underrepresented Black-owned businesses that add unique value to the Costa Rican economy. 

In a bid to amplify their visibility, we are excited to announce the launch of our online directory exclusively for Black-owned businesses in Costa Rica.

We believe in creating a supportive and unified network that not only boosts the reach of these businesses but also fosters an environment of shared growth and mutual support. We invite all Black-owned businesses to join our online directory. By signing up, you will be the first to receive updates and alerts when our platform goes live.

Together, we can shine a spotlight on our local businesses, nurturing our community, and fostering a stronger, more inclusive economy. Let’s stand together as “Only Us” and shape a more prosperous future for our community.

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Upcoming Highlighted Events

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**As our website is under construction, please allow time for fully updated information on our events**


Dudlye’s Domino Tournament


June - July

Afro Youth Field Day


Marcus Garvey’s Legacy Pan African Celebration


Join Hands in Empowering Change

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We currently take multiple forms of donations! **As our website and giving platform is under construction, please donate by contacting us on WhatsApp (click here) or Email (click here)!**

Your generosity can make a tangible difference in our community. By donating to Solo Nos, you become an integral part of the solution, catalyzing change and fueling the journey towards a more inclusive and thriving community.

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